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Fees and Insurance

The decision to use your health insurance benefits for psychological services is a personal one as it has potentially far reaching implications. While the use of insurance can reduce your out of pocket expenses, it does compromise the expectation of confidentiality as the insurance company will have access to your information including diagnosis, dates of treatment and potentially any information in your file.  All insurance companies have some limits on benefits paid for mental health services, whether based on a maximum allowable dollar amount or limited number of sessions per calendar year. Other plans include a deductible that must be met before benefits are paid. Some insurance companies may require pre-certification before your initial visits and then require periodic review in order to authorize further visits. All insurance companies clearly state that any representation of plan benefits is not a guarantee of payment and that is determined at the time that a claim is submitted and reviewed.
I do participate with a variety of insurance companies and I will file all necessary paperwork for any insurance company for the payment of a claim.  If you chose to utilize insurance benefits you will be responsible for all deductibles, co-payments or amounts associated with services rendered that are not paid by the insurance company under their guidelines. I do not accept insurance benefits for psychological testing or psycho-educational testing such as gifted testing, testing for learning disabilities, adhd or autistic spectrum disorders.

Insurance Companies that I participate with include:

United Healthcare
Humana (some plans)
Some plans that I do not formally participate in may allow for an out-of-network benefit. You will be responsible to check on this.
 Please feel free to contact me directly for more specific information regarding my fees for the service you are interested in. Payment is expected at the time of service and may be made by cash, check or any major credit or debit card.

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