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I am a licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida and I have maintained my practice in South Florida for over 25 years.

In addition to my license in Psychology I also maintain licenses in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Psychology.

My practice encompasses all three of these areas. I received my Ph.D. In Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami. 


I am married and have two adult children and five young grandchildren.


Much of my work over the years has focused on family related matters including child, adolescent and adult therapy, couples counseling and family therapy.

I have worked in the past as a school psychologist, running a school-based program for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents. As an outgrowth of my work in the areas of child abuse and neglect and domestic violence I founded and directed the Forensic Assessment and Screening Team that was responsible for conducting psychological evaluations for the State of Florida Juvenile and Family Court in the 11th Judicial District. I was also a founder and Clinical Director of PsychSolutions, a community based Mental Health Center tailored to provide overlay on site mental health services to youngsters residing in foster homes or other community based programs throughout the state of Florida.

My therapeutic training and orientation include both a Cognitive Behavioral approach in conjunction with a psychodynamic background. In my experience, the development of a solid therapeutic relationship is the key to success in therapy and I have learned that not all therapists are right for all clients. It is often my recommendation to speak with several therapists in order to get a sense of with whom you may work best.



My practice can best be described as a family practice where I see children, adolescents and adults for counseling as well as psychological and psycho-educational testing for determination of giftedness, attentional deficits, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder and other developmental and social challenges.

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